Alumni Passing Through Series Abena Mamle Abedi


Abena Mamle Abedi is an agribusiness professional with more than ten years’ hard core experience in the agribusiness space in Africa. She has experience in farming, value addition, packaging, agriculture machinery services supply, agrochemical input supply chain and capacity building. She is the founder and Managing Partner of Sustainable Agro Limited. Currently she is the team lead of Ghana Rice Store, her personal project that seeks to improve accessibility of Ghana made rice brands to consumers. She also consults for various organizations that have agriculture/agribusiness projects.  

She has a Champions certificate from Business School Netherlands in “Food & Agribusiness Management in a Digital Economy”. She studied at University of Ghana, and graduated with BSc. Agricultural Science and MSc. Climate Change & Sustainable Development in 2010 and 2018 respectively. She has a postgraduate certificate in Agribusiness Management from the Association of African Business Schools Agribusiness Consortium of which Ghana Institution of Management and Public Administration (GIMPA) is a member school. She has training in entrepreneurship, business management, food systems thinking and environmental management. 

Abena is a daring young lady who is adaptable and flexible. She has over the years demonstrated achieving quantifiable results and efficiently managing resources. She possesses good leadership skills and great team spirit. She has passion for empowering smallholder farmers and agripreneurs to create sustainable jobs. 

Abena enjoy travelling to explore places and admire nature and she is the last of five children. She lives and work in Ghana.