Alumni Passing Through Series Mrs. Vincentia Canacoo

Mrs. Vincentia Canacoo graduated from the Department of Home Science (now Family and Consumer Sciences) in 1980 with a B. SC. in Home Science (Agricultural Option).  After her first degree, she worked as a Teaching Assistant in the Department of Home Science (Family and Consumer Sciences) from September 1980 – August 1983. 
She then pursued an M. Sc. Degree in Agricultural Extension at the University of Ghana from 1983 – 1984: Post-graduate studies at the University of Reading, U.K. and an MBA at the University of Ghana.  
She eventually joined the Department of Agricultural Extension as a Lecturer in March, 1985 and taught for 15 years (March, 2000).  During that period, she served as a Resource Person and Consultant in Extension, Gender Studies, Food Processing and Preservation. 
Mrs. Canacoo has also had a distinguished career in private enterprise and food product development. (Something she learnt not only from Home Science but also from her mother – the renowned Esther Ocloo who built the first Food Processing Industry - Nkulenu Industries in 1949 at Madina, Accra. They initially produced marmalade and orange squash.  Currently however, they are producing fruit juices, palm drink, spiced palm soup base, Ga Kenkey.  When travelling you can send food items to them to be canned (example. shittor).

She is also an import and export professional
Teaches in the US
A public speaker, who tries to dispel common misconceptions about life in Africa and its people in her speeches.  I was privileged to watch one of these on YouTube: “THE AFRICA YOU DON’T KNOW” July, 14, 2019 – she used actual food products, artifacts gospel songs, and real-life stories in Ghana in an innovative/educative speech to dispel common misconceptions about life in Ghana. 

Theme:  Success Stories in Agriculture and Consumer Science

Alumnus Passing Through: Vincentia Canacoo 
Private Enterprise
Specialty: Food Product Development
Year Group: 1980 (Home Science)